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Fethullah Gulen’s Condolences for People of the Russian Federation

Fethullah Gulen, April 5, 2010

Fethullah Gulen:

"No matter the reason or aim, terrorism can never be approved of. Terrorism, which threatens a value as sacred as human life and which eliminates societal security, is an action so degenerate that it cannot be approved of by any religion, understanding or viewpoint.

According to religion, life is one of the basic values that must be protected. For this reason, terrorism cannot be employed as a means, whether it is the context of a struggle for independence or an effort to realize a religious goal. A Muslim, who is a representative of peace and serenity, can never be a terrorist, and a terrorist cannot be a Muslim.
No matter who perpetrated the two bloody, back-to-back attacks on the Moscow metro system and with whatever aim, I denounce the attacks, and on this occasion once more condemn terrorism.
I extend my condolences to those who lost close ones in the attacks and to the authorities and the public of our neighbor, the Russian Federation. I wish for a speedy recovery for the wounded and share their pain in the most heartfelt way." 

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